Saturday, May 30, 2015

Single Review: KARA - Summergic, Sunshine Miracle, Sunny Days

After Youngji's addition and the release of Mamma Mia, Japan's top Kpop girl group KARA returned with their latest Triple-A Side J-pop single. Eventually, the single became their first number-one hit in Oricon Daily Singles Chart since Electric Boy (2012) and sold over 50,000 copies on its first week, an improvement from their past singles (French Kiss and Mamma Mia) which managed to sell over 30,000 copies only.

サマー☆ジック (SUMMERGIC): 7/10

Though inferior from Kara's 2011 Summer Hit, Go Go Summer!, it is an upgrade from their 2013 Summer Single, Thank You Summer Love. The song sounds happy and fun. However, the EDM-break which reminisce Rihanna's We Found Love before the verses and the chorus is misplaced. It doesn't really blend in with the entire song. Likewise, the overuse of the hook "tturu ttu ttu ttu ttu ru ttu tturu ttu ttu ttu ttu ru ttu" made the song a little repetitive. The song's gem is its chorus which is easy to singalong and catchy and its smart title, a portmanteau of Summer and Magic. Overall, the song is a summer treat to those who want to enjoy the summer with catchy tunes.


From dance-pop to garage rock, fans might be a little disappointed with this song. This is probably KARA's most refreshing song because the group has always been formulaic in choosing a single. However, their addition to the shout out "Sunshine Miracle" throughout the song made it sometimes annoying. It does not really add up as a hook. The song is also risque as it is new for the group to release a rock song.


This is one of their best songs so far. It is an upbeat version of their song HANABI (2013), which is single-worthy. It has a very strong R&B and 90s teen-pop sound. However, the refrain is a little dragging and the production sounded distorted. Still, it is a solid track which shows the group's musical growth but still manage to retain their signature sound.


A solid single that will help them widen their audience and gain fans. They should also release a video for Sunshine Miracle (roadtrip video) and Sunny Days. It would help them win hearts. Youngji's Japanese delivery is decent but in Summergic, it is quite sloppy. Hara had improved her singing ability especially on Sunny Days as she tried to belt out notes. They should have release a fewer edition to the single so as to really know if they have really win back the hearts of the Japanese public. But, there are quite a number of Youtube covers by Japanese. It might be really a hit.

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