Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top 5 Girls' Generation Videos

Girls' Generation (known in South Korea as 소녀시대 and in Japan as 少女時代) is a South Korean nine-piece girl group formed by SM Entertainment. They are known for their songs like Gee, Oh!, Hoot, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), The Boys and I Got a Boy. They are dubbed as South Korea's National Girl Group and found success both in Japan and South Korea.
This is my first Kpop post. First and foremost, I started listening to Kpop during my fourth year college. My first favorite Kpop group was EXO then slowly falling in love with I Got a Boy and Twinkle (TTS). Though at first, I find it hard to distinguish them from each other because they were nine members compared to Miss A which consist of only four. What I like about them most is their synchronization. I'm going to rank their music videos based on my favorite ones. It excludes Galaxy Supernova and Love & Girls.
5) Into the New World
Into the New World is their debut single and video. Their faces are so cute and the video is with an inspirational story. Seohyun was very young back then. Also, the video is not the typical studio backdrop costume type which is prominent in almost all their videos.

Best Look: Taeyeon

4) The Boys

The Boys is their debut English single. I find the song midtempo and Tiffany (American-born) was given less lines. The video starts with Yoona, followed by the girls introduction. The choreography is tight which is really good for me.

Best Look: Yoona

3) Mr. Taxi (Japanese Version)
Mr. Taxi is their third Japanese single which is their first Japanese song not from a remake of their Korean songs. Though the costume is not good but the choreography is the most dance-able ever.

Best Look: Tiffany

2) I Got a Boy
I Got a Boy is their first video that I've watched. I love the clothes and the styling is great. Their hair colors are very nice too especially Sunny's and Tiffany's. The choreography is the best plus the uptempo dubstep electro part.

Best Look: Sunny

1) Genie (Japanese Version)
Honestly, I like the Japanese version of the song more and this video focuses more on the excellent choreography plus the appearance of Chanyeol. The execution of the steps was graceful and flawless, which makes you shiver because of its nearly perfect synchronization.

Best Look: Yoona

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