Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top 10 Songs of 2012

Here is the complete list of my year-end favorite songs. Last year, I never made a list of my favorite songs. This year is kinda memorable because of the new artists coming out. The music industry is kinda exciting.

10) Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) - Nelly Furtado
Release as the lead single of her new album, The Spirit Indestructible, it was less successful. But there is something about this Hip-Hop song that sounds so catchy. It sounds so polished and the beats are hypnotic. Although she sounds like a woman whining, the song is still cool.

9) Your Body - Christina Aguilera
Released as the lead single of her new album, Lotus, it achieved moderate success. At first, the song does not sound catchy. After hearing it several times, it gets much better. It sounds different from any creation of Max Martin and the video was the bomb.

8) Never Let Me Go - Florence + the Machine
I love how it creates goosebumps when Florence sings. It sounds so ethereal and full of ambiance. The romantic feel of the song makes it so beautiful.

7) Andy - Last Dinosaurs
The band's album, In a Million Years, is one of the best releases this year. Well, they manage to release songs which has good guitar riffs like this one. Although, the vocals may sound mumbled, you can't deny how catchy the instrumental is.

6) Die Young - Ke$ha
When the song was released, I knew it would disappoint some because of her boasting a rock-influenced album. The song does have a rock sound on the chorus (guitars, drums, and unautotuned vocals) then changed into a club banger of her signature sing-talk style. What impress is not how the same it is on her previous singles but how the rock chorus and club verses jelled so perfectly.

5) Born to Die - Lana Del Rey
This was the first song I heard from Lana Del Rey. I wasn't a fan until I listened to it again. I thought she is a British songstress because of the sound it. The song features a cinematic sound which is too heavy to non-indie listeners.

4) We Are Young - fun.
The song is catchy and indie. Nothing much to say but very good. The song also sounds cinematic. It also could be an anthem of the youths.

3) Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding
The song features a siren-like hook which is makes it ultimately catchy. I also love the thumping beat, melody and rhythm. Well, this woman had mastered the art of making good melodies such as Lights.

2) Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
Before everybody danced and sang-along with PSY on Gangnam Style, everyone was repeatedly singing this, "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so call me, maybe..." The first time I heard this, it immediately stuck into my head. Who would've thought a 27 year-old woman would release such a song and would a appear like a 17 year-old Disney girl?

1) Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye featuring Kimbra
All I can say, the song is amazing. The message is amazing. The melody is amazing. The video is amazing. It sounds so bittersweet and I love the vocal performance especially that Kimbra sounded similar to Katy Perry.

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