Friday, October 19, 2012

Korean Class 2: The Performance

Last semester, our seonsaengnim (Teacher in Korean) asked us to perform a Korean song. We can choose if we do it by individual, pairs, or groups. Our group, The Gorgeous Dollars, performed together on the said event. Upon the song selection, we intended to perform a medley wherein each of us will choose an individual song then at the end perform a single group song. That was an epic fail because we did not have much time to memorize and search for the individual song. Finally, we selected "Balloons" by TVXQ. We tried to copy the steps as much as possible. We got a 100 points for that and Jessica Marie was exempted of the final examination.

The video of the performance (parody... joke HAHA)....

Suzanne, Carly (me), Akishi, Lee Yoo Rin, Cathy, Navaja, Rowena, Charmabz,  and Ikyang
Akishi, Ikyang, Cathy, and Me :)
Jene Rose aka Akishi was typically on her signature pose in which you can't see her face.

Akishi, Ikyang, Rowena, Charmabz, Cathy and Me :)
I am on my usual comical mouthwatering pose.

Betchay, Lee Yoo Rin, Ikyang, Apple, Akishi, Me, Akol, and Giezl
Together with the Dream High Girls with Apple at the center that looks a little bit like Lindsay Lohan.

Suzanne, Lee Yoo Rin, Akishi and Me :)
Charma and The Gorgeous Dollars
I, singing a part of the song, Balloons
Start of our performance
It appears that Akishi wasn't ready at all. ;)

The Class with D-seonsaengnim
It seems I've lost that composure in this photo. :D

A photo I edited at Pixlr-o-matic...

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