Friday, July 13, 2012

Pains & Heartaches

I've been suffering from now
All I need is a helping hand
How can I get through this?
With all the pains I hide
There's nothing left but pride
Where can I seek help?

Do you know the answer?
I've walked through rocky paths
Crushing with all these wounds
Pains & Heartaches

I imagine it somehow
And foreseen the darkest paths
Feeling this hopelessness
I realize it all within
That the answer is not outside
If only I'll listen

Can you answer it someway?
I've been losing all my faith
Crying all the tears left
Pains & Heartaches

Can't I see the glow inside my heart?
It is made of God's Art
Shed your tears, let it out
I'll only feel better
You'll only feel better
We'll only feel better

My only wish is to be happy
My only wish is to be at peace