Monday, April 16, 2012

The Anime Gorgeous Dollars

Recently, we had a back-to-back post with my friend, The Dramatic Bastard. So, I decided to create my own blog post about our gorgeous IT specialist, Jene Rose Egonia (@akishiSenpai).

Let's start with the artist:

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The artist made her anime a bit different from her flaunting the blonde girly hair. Somehow, it resembles her peaceful, calm, and reserve personality but it appears a bit feminine than sporty and competitive. Take note, she does wear a clip but not ribbons.

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It appears similar to the real personality of the gurl. The earphone, forehead and evil grin, it is a hit.

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Our only authentic half-blooded mammal, the anime version of herself is quite the same as her. The deadpan facial expression, the chubby-cheeks and her catty personality, it is also a hit plus the red chopsticks that resembles her being a Filipina-Chinese.

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Well, the anime looks like her (the closest though). See the nerdy but dimwitted look of the creation. The mouth wide open because she talks a lot (laughs too). The glasses summed up the whole package.

You know what they say: Save the Best for Last!

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The haircut, it's my signature. It resembles my fiery, aggressive, imposing attitude. The piercing reminds me of my "rockstar" dream. I love the eyes, it's cute... #vanity

Well, I hope you enjoy the post. This is one of my friends spectatular gimmicks. Brava to her!

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