Monday, April 16, 2012

The Anime Gorgeous Dollars

Recently, we had a back-to-back post with my friend, The Dramatic Bastard. So, I decided to create my own blog post about our gorgeous IT specialist, Jene Rose Egonia (@akishiSenpai).

Let's start with the artist:

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The artist made her anime a bit different from her flaunting the blonde girly hair. Somehow, it resembles her peaceful, calm, and reserve personality but it appears a bit feminine than sporty and competitive. Take note, she does wear a clip but not ribbons.

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It appears similar to the real personality of the gurl. The earphone, forehead and evil grin, it is a hit.

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Our only authentic half-blooded mammal, the anime version of herself is quite the same as her. The deadpan facial expression, the chubby-cheeks and her catty personality, it is also a hit plus the red chopsticks that resembles her being a Filipina-Chinese.

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Well, the anime looks like her (the closest though). See the nerdy but dimwitted look of the creation. The mouth wide open because she talks a lot (laughs too). The glasses summed up the whole package.

You know what they say: Save the Best for Last!

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The haircut, it's my signature. It resembles my fiery, aggressive, imposing attitude. The piercing reminds me of my "rockstar" dream. I love the eyes, it's cute... #vanity

Well, I hope you enjoy the post. This is one of my friends spectatular gimmicks. Brava to her!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Deo's Graduation Day

My brother graduated BA Communication in Cebu Normal University. We actually prepared the whole morning for the life-changing event of the year (2012). After the afternoon event, we hurriedly went to Pino! Restaurant in which we had a reservation for our dinner. We had a night out at MO2 Restobar.

The celebration started with a Holy Mass, as expected. Philippines as a Catholic country starts almost all celebration with a Holy Mass. Snacks were distributed to the graduates after the Holy Mass. A break was given to the graduates for picture-taking before the proper ceremonies starts.

Mass Celebration prior to the proper ceremonies
Snack after the Holy Mass

Deo Itao and Carlo Itao (me in my Monochrome attire)
The Graduate
The Graduates with Era Soliano
On Parade
Mom on her signature pose
Mom, Ate Elay, Krizia
During the ceremonies
Rona, Shynette, Jedai, and Deo

Horror shot by Ofelia Itao :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monochrome Graduation

This is what I wore during my brother's Graduation day. I wanted to have a black n' white look with a twist.
So here it is:

Doing the sturdy pose

Top (black and white long sleeves from Oxygen)

Bottom ( black carrot jeans from Oxygen)

Shoes ( topsider from Maphisto)

Venue: Pino! Restaurant in Lahug, Cebu City
Photography: Deo Itao