Monday, March 12, 2012


Pick up the lines that I forget
And your sweetness that I regret
All the things I'm feelin'
It's real but you can't see 'em
Real life is what we need
To say goodbye is hard, indeed

Why should I feel this pain?
If all I did was for you to gain
I reached the stars, are you amaze?
But I always fall from your embrace
You make sure I'll never get
But my heart's in pain, you bet

I just don't know it much
But things need to untouched
You would've thought it that way
Yes, because our hearts on astray
Should we give ourselves a second chance?
Let's forget the past without a glance

We went all through the way
Leavin' all the pain
So, I've got this letter
That my heart will be better
Hoping you'll read this
I believe our heart's at peace

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