Saturday, March 31, 2012


Written by: Carlo Itao
Co-Written by: Louvee Lising & Lovely Manayon

Tanang buhay natin hahanapin ang pagkakataon
Ulan man ay hindi maibaon
Ang mga ala-alang nakakatawa noon
Hawak kamay tayo sa lahat ng pagkakataon

Madali lang tumakbo ang oras
Na tayo'y nagkasama at nakaranas
O, mahal kong kaibigan hindi kita malilimutan
Nandito ka sa aking puso magpakailanman

Pero anong nangyari?
Biglang umiba ang ihip ng hangin
Akala ko'y habang buhay ang ating pagkakaibigan
Ngunit ito'y naglaho lamang

Sa pagkakataon na ito
Ako'y magbabago
Para sa iyo kaibigan
At ang sakit malipasan

Friday, March 16, 2012

Korean Class: Hanbok Making Contest

As part of our curriculum, the Tourism Management students from Cebu Normal University took up the course Foreign Language 2: Korean. Instead of starting the class on November 2011, It started on December 2011 which is very late. Our teacher, Donna Grace Cotejo, a graduate of English in our school, taught us the basic Korean expressions. We also learned how to read and write the Hangul alphabet. She also invited Koreans who study English in our class to discuss Korean culture and practices.


Meshiel Dosdos, Glazalle Manzanades, Louvee Lising, Shiela Bacalan, and Suzanne Araneta
Our first highlight activity is the making of Hanbok (Korea's National Costume) out of Japanese paper. We were divided into five groups.
Theresa Gemparo, Jessica Guisadio, Lady Dismas, Shiela Bacalan (model), Myra Alontaga, Me
We were asked to pick a design. Unfortunately, we had chosen the traditional hanbok. Good thing! Our group is piled up with good designers, hardworking students, and make-up artists which led to an almost perfect hanbok. There was a problem because we lacked the important resource which is the Japanese paper, resulting a half-baked hanbok (pretty infront, ugly at the back).
Suzanne Araneta
The Gorgeous Dollars (G$) Representative, Suzanne Araneta, was chosen as their group's model. Due to lack of resources, they created a somewhat off-shoulder Hanbok.
Production staff with models Louvee Lising & Shiela Bacalan
Louvee Lising's epic Sailormoon-inspired Hanbok that somehow appears like a raincoat and complimented by chopsticks. This is one of the funniest Hanbok which doesn't look like a hanbok at all, more of a cosplay.
Giezl Binga-an, Jeelian Fernandez, Glazalle Manzanades (model), Florence Akol,  Alvin Saraom
Their hanbok incorporates elements of Kimono (Japan's National Costume). The short skirt is brand new, sexy-chic and nationalistic at the same time.

Meshiel Dosdos
The modern day Hanbok, It doesn't really look like a hanbok. It is more of kid wearing a sunday's best dress going to mass with matching flowers and butterflies.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Pick up the lines that I forget
And your sweetness that I regret
All the things I'm feelin'
It's real but you can't see 'em
Real life is what we need
To say goodbye is hard, indeed

Why should I feel this pain?
If all I did was for you to gain
I reached the stars, are you amaze?
But I always fall from your embrace
You make sure I'll never get
But my heart's in pain, you bet

I just don't know it much
But things need to untouched
You would've thought it that way
Yes, because our hearts on astray
Should we give ourselves a second chance?
Let's forget the past without a glance

We went all through the way
Leavin' all the pain
So, I've got this letter
That my heart will be better
Hoping you'll read this
I believe our heart's at peace

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughts on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

The Complete Confection is Katy Perry’s re-release of her platinum third album, Teenage Dream. After The One That Got Away, I was expecting a fourth follow-up album but instead she re-released it. Why I am disappointed? Because she pushed herself to grab Michael Jackson’s record and she ended up like a “try-hard” musician. The first single, Part of Me, sounds like a demo and there’s nothing special on it. It explains why it failed to appear on her third album. The cover is cheap. She should have a new photo shoot for the re-release.

Dark Shell

Sometimes when the world seems not to smile back
Sometimes when all the good things flash back
I wonder why I’d dwell on these dark clouds
I wonder why I’d never saw the sun shines

One day I’ll be better thinking positive
One day I’ll stand taller and bigger than all of them
I wonder why I’m fucked up everyday
I wonder why I’m totally scared

The world goes well and continues revolving
I want to stop them and see me
The world goes on and on like ray of light
I can’t get out of this dark shell

Lord, please help me
I need your strength
Lord, please guide me
I need your love

It keeps me alive
It makes me strong with you
It keeps me alive
It relieves me with you

Dear Friend

My dear friend is looking for you
She needs you in her life
My dear friend’s been waiting for you
Counting all the stars
My dear friend broke her heart
She needs you beside
My dear friend’s calling out
Wasting her efforts

Still, she’s there
Telling herself that one day
You’ll be together
Still, she’s there
Shedding her tears for
Something hopeless

I keep telling her to stop
All her efforts are trash
I keep reminding this
You’ll never gonna listen
I tried to convince her
That nothing will happen
I tried very hard to stop
Still she don’t listen

You never
You don’t want her
You never
You don’t like her