Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lady Gaga: Born This Way Era

Lady Gaga released weak singles to promote Born This Way.

Born This Way was released as the first single. Although a fairly decent track, it became a massive hit, topping the Hot 100 and other major charts. It is a classic and one of her signature songs. Born This Way sounds too similar to Express Yourself and When Love Takes Over.

Judas was released as the second single to mediocre success.It manage to peak at number 10 in the Hot 100 but stayed there for a week. It is quite blasphemous, the song was a critic favorite, praising the production and vocals.

The Edge of Glory was released as the third single. It was too early to release the song as a single because Judas was still in the chart. I believe this song has caused the failure of Judas to become a chart success. Due to its message and positive review, it manage to become a hit. The problem is, it did not really create The Gaga Era which the first two albums' singles created. This is one of Lady Gaga's most solid songs with euphoric production.

You and I was released as the fourth single. I was not in favor of the release because its time for Gaga to release an upbeat song. The epic video helped the song to climb at the Top 10 and again it is similar to The Edge of Glory. (Possibly, a hint of her future country foray which is Joanne).

Marry the Night was released as the fifth single. Eventually, the song was a major flopped and her only single on the album that never cracked the top 10. I was expecting this to do well because the song was great and the promotions were on point, However, the video did not help propel the song to Hot 100 top 10 because it is too long.

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