Sunday, September 4, 2011

Influential Albums of the Past Decade

Flyleaf (2005) by Flyleaf

The album influences to listen to rock music. It contains wonderful messages about life, love and God, accompanied by suitable guitar riffs and Lacey's majestic voice. The album taught me how to write poems with deeper meaning.

All We Know Is Falling (2005) by Paramore

The album is one of my faves. The songs are emo and it is catchy. I love Hayley Williams' voice and her hair. I love the sound of their songs. It is not noisy.

When Silence Is Broken, The Night Is Torn (2006) by Eyes Set to Kill

The album made me listen to much darker songs or pushed me to listen to post-hardcore, screamo and the likes. The songs are amazing and the guitar riffs are good.

Walking with Strangers (2007) by The Birthday Massacre

The album contains real spooky melodic songs. The production is great and the synths are playful. One of the best synthpop/rock album ever.

High School Musical + Headstrong + V 

Disney, a machine that produces talented young stars. During the HSM era, I was really into dancing and singing and even performed one, What I've Been Looking For. I was a great fan of Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. I love how pretty they are and their voices. The 3 albums have been part of my life.

The Fame (2008) by Lady Gaga

I am always a fan of Pop music and culture. Sometimes, I based my life on it. Pop music is trendy and this album shifted the trend of pop music from R&B/pop (Rihanna & Nelly Furtado) to Electronic/Dance. Every artists in that era were really gaga, wearing surreal outfits in their music video and performances. I always sing her songs and try hard to copy her dance moves.

One of the Boys (2008) by Katy Perry

During the pop rock, new wave, indie music era, Katy Perry released her campy album preceded by Ur So Gay and I Kissed a Girl. Both are titled in gay themes, even her album. Katy rocks it out with catchy tunes dissing off ex-boyfriends and telling us that she'll break the mold and stereotype. Unfortunately, she never kept it. Well, her album is great and I love her outfits during that era.

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