Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011 Summer Songs

1. Till the World Ends by Britney Spears

Co-written by Kesha Sebert, we can't argue the similarities between this and Blow. In the chorus, I love the beats and chants. It will make us chest-pumped till the end. This had been the theme-song of my summer while having our on-the-job training.

2. On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull

This latin-flavored dance/club anthem by J.Lo comes next. I love the production. It is very J.Lo and it makes me dance the night away.

3. Judas by Lady Gaga

A love song using Judas as a metaphor of Gaga's betrayer. It contains some dark and industrial elements but you can feel the dance-pop vibes through its theatrical chorus. I love the dubstep breakdown and the "ew."

4. Blow by Ke$ha

A generic club-track by America's favorite party girl. It contains a very smart opening followed by a repetitive  chorus. The song is addictive and its video is fun.

5. Arms by Christina Perri

A folky piano-driven ballad by my new favorite singer. Her sweet voice and the song's melody are its strong point. It is must-hear to those who likes Colbie Caillat.

6. You Lie by The Band Perry

A country song by my favorite country group. Kimberly Perry's voice is simply amazing. It fits on the song's message. I love the similes, it's quite fun and humorous.

7. Mean by Taylor Swift

A song about the critics telling Swift the she can't sing. I consider it a song bashing off uncool bullies. The banjo part before the bridge is the best part.

8. Forever And a Day by Kelly Rowland

Another perfect collaboration of Kelly and David Guetta but less catchy and her voice is a bit noisy.

9. Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

Great song! Bad Billboard Music Awards Performance! It's not Hip-Hop or Rap, It's Pop!

10. Right There by Nicole Scherzinger

An island-flavored song that sounds like Rihanna. It is dancey. It's Rude Boy Pt 2.