Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Good For Me

It's all about you having a crush and realizing that they weren't good enough for you.

I never thought I was deeply in love with you
I never thought I was too crazy about you
I thought you were the perfect one
I thought you were the lucky one

But now, I think you’re no good for me
Coz when I gave my heart to you
You never try to give yours to me
Before, all I did was waiting for you
Coz when I know that you know
You never try to work it out for me

It’s crazy to dream about one day making out with you
It’s stupid to say that you might have feelings for me too
I thought you were waiting
Dreaming that day, we’ll be dating

Now I realize that I was foolish enough
It’s time for me to bring me back
I think you don’t deserve enough
You never catch me
You never catch me
While I’m falling