Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wish U Knew Me

It is about a stupid kind of love. In which, that person doesn't know you but you're a stalker on his/her Facebook page. It just came out of my head and I wrote this for a few minutes.

Now, you are leaving
I just can't stop thinking
Can't control this feeling
Coz my heart's beating

Several attempts of my confession
You're one of my sick obsession
My mind is my contradiction
Thinking that you'd be my possession

You'll be gone, I wish you knew me
There's no way to bridge the gap between
Yes, I want you but I can't say to you
Coz I know it's impossible to
I wont forget the several times I saw you
Oftentimes, I stalk on your Facebook
I lie in my bed, writing this so well
Hoping that you'll find it, I swear

Now, things are changing
You are there leaving
I wish you know this heart
I wish it all from the start

I can't stop myself from crying
I am so desperate for your love
If there's a way to stop you from leaving
Then I'll find a way to make you stop

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