Thursday, March 3, 2011

True Love

This talks about social issues and its relation to morality.

What can I do to make this right?
Our moral values are swallowed by money
Things are changing
All are craving evil tonight
We are in Church
But our minds are on evil spite
He makes us busy
So that we will forget His Might

I want to open their eyes
But what can I do?
With a person like me
No one listen to all I plead

Murders are coming
Taking lives without a chance
Robbery is rampant
Taking all the goods we have
Take time in pleasure
Forgetting to do right
Some people are bullied
That causes them to take the knife
Women are raped
By guys who are blinded by false light

Take yourselves away
From earthly things
There is someone
Waiting for us in peace
So we stop and realize
That all we need is true love

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