Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun! Fresh! Fierce!

This photo reminds me or shall we say represents my whole high school life. I was real thin, very dark (although edited in Adobe Photoshop using sponge), and teen-bubblegum image. A smile will always draw on my face whenever I see this. People in school calls me an aeta. My pre-college summer changed me a lot, I gained weight and look much better.
Me (center), Louie Oporto (left), and Augo Flores (right) in our school's soccerfield. It's pretty obvious that I lacked one tooth in my mouth's center. I love my signature bangs. How I missed my old self? Now, I have the tooth that I need and the bangs, I wish that I will have them back. FUN FRESH FIERCE, a friend described me when she saw my old photos.

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