Thursday, March 31, 2011

A-B-C (Animal, Bionic, Can't Be Tamed)

One surprising thing about my albums that they are a sequence from A-C. Second, they all indicate a mixed or average reviews in Metacritic. Third, they all are considered as dance-pop albums. I am looking for a letter D album and hopefully, favorable-reviewed album.

February 2010:
"Animal" is the first studio album I bought ever in my life, and it happens to be the debut of my favorite singer, Ke$ha. It got a 56 of 100 score in Metacritic.
I was disappointed because it doesn't have a lyrics inside it. I lightened up myself thinking that Ke$ha is still a beginner so maybe the producers are still doubting if it would sell. I love the CD, its design is really good.

August 2010:
"Bionic" is the second studio album I have. My friend, Jessica Marie, bought this as a birthday gift as an exchange of the birthday gift (Korean album) I gave to her. It holds a 54 of 100 in Metacritic.
I was impressed because there are lyrics. I think Xtina gives her best effort in this. I also love the album cover and I think it was really expensively produce.

October 2010:
"Can't Be Tamed" is the third studio album I have. My friend, Opel, gave this album as a belated-birthday gift and in exchange, I bought my belated-birthday gift (Rainism album) to her. It holds a 48 of 100 score in Metacritic.
Luckily, I have the CD+DVD Deluxe Edition of the album. I have "The Live at O2" which is very entertaining and fun. The disc does not play good and the enhanced content is not working in Philippine territories.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Presents: Louierrific Lewinsky

This is my best friend's random rap verses. Louierrific Lewinsky, you taught me how to write songs. I will feature your new random rap verses. Actually, I was impressed.

March 29, 2011:

I’m from a new generation
And I feel so drunk all of the time
I just wanna live my life
This is a privilege I thought I deserve
I’m from a new innuendo
And I’ll feed from lust and fake blue lies
And I don’t even know
I don’t even know how to live my life…

February 11, 2011:

U noe bitches like me like Tango
Never ever did u play a guitar for my Bimbo
Look what uve done to urself n ur Bamboo
Got nowhere to go when moon's going top toe
Get it?
The new's gettin old in fucking linguistic
Nowhere in ur world do u even noe lipstick
Hit it?

T-t-t-take me to a carnival and i'll noe u a cannibal
D-d-d-don't u even want my name printed on u brain
DUH? Y u think u'd get me if all u noe is r-r-rocking boobies
Lemme S-L-A-P ur brug-ugdug winnie

Fun! Fresh! Fierce!

This photo reminds me or shall we say represents my whole high school life. I was real thin, very dark (although edited in Adobe Photoshop using sponge), and teen-bubblegum image. A smile will always draw on my face whenever I see this. People in school calls me an aeta. My pre-college summer changed me a lot, I gained weight and look much better.
Me (center), Louie Oporto (left), and Augo Flores (right) in our school's soccerfield. It's pretty obvious that I lacked one tooth in my mouth's center. I love my signature bangs. How I missed my old self? Now, I have the tooth that I need and the bangs, I wish that I will have them back. FUN FRESH FIERCE, a friend described me when she saw my old photos.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wish U Knew Me

It is about a stupid kind of love. In which, that person doesn't know you but you're a stalker on his/her Facebook page. It just came out of my head and I wrote this for a few minutes.

Now, you are leaving
I just can't stop thinking
Can't control this feeling
Coz my heart's beating

Several attempts of my confession
You're one of my sick obsession
My mind is my contradiction
Thinking that you'd be my possession

You'll be gone, I wish you knew me
There's no way to bridge the gap between
Yes, I want you but I can't say to you
Coz I know it's impossible to
I wont forget the several times I saw you
Oftentimes, I stalk on your Facebook
I lie in my bed, writing this so well
Hoping that you'll find it, I swear

Now, things are changing
You are there leaving
I wish you know this heart
I wish it all from the start

I can't stop myself from crying
I am so desperate for your love
If there's a way to stop you from leaving
Then I'll find a way to make you stop

Friday, March 11, 2011

Katy Perry: One of the Boys and Teenage Dream Era


"I Kissed a Girl" is Katy Perry's first single from her album, One of the Boys. This song is one of the coolest song I've heard. The title itself shows. All I can say, the song is fun and creative. (4.5/5)

HOT N COLD (2008)

"Hot n Cold" is one of the catchiest song I've ever heard. It reminds me of some old electro-pop songs. I love the lyrics in the chorus, especially the binary opposites. It's very entertaining. (4.5/5)


"Thinking of You" is one of my favorite love songs. I never thought it was solely written by Katy. Well, the chorus reminds me of a song before but I can't figure out what that song is. I love the melody and the video, it's really great. (5/5)


"Waking Up in Vegas" is one of the songs with best meaning or what we called a song with meat. I love the pop rock feel. I love Katy's vocal performance in this song. (5/5)


"California Gurls" is fun and catchy but I don't like it that much. It is too similar with Ke$ha's TiK ToK, the rhythm, the beats, the structure, It is almost the same. It is "fine, fresh, fierce." (2.5/5)


"Teenage Dream" is a good pop song with catchy tunes and sing-a-long melodies. The lyrics is perfect and I love the guitars on the chorus. It celebrates humans teen years. (5/5)


"Firework" is a nice inspirational song but sometimes the metaphors and similes do not fit on the message of the song. The over-use of synths creates a doubt if she is serious on the message. (3/5)

E.T. (2011)
"E.T." is a bad song, it sounds the same with "All the Things She Said" by t.A.T.u. The futuristic feel is similar with Ke$ha's demo "Aliens Invading." (1.5/5)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

True Love

This talks about social issues and its relation to morality.

What can I do to make this right?
Our moral values are swallowed by money
Things are changing
All are craving evil tonight
We are in Church
But our minds are on evil spite
He makes us busy
So that we will forget His Might

I want to open their eyes
But what can I do?
With a person like me
No one listen to all I plead

Murders are coming
Taking lives without a chance
Robbery is rampant
Taking all the goods we have
Take time in pleasure
Forgetting to do right
Some people are bullied
That causes them to take the knife
Women are raped
By guys who are blinded by false light

Take yourselves away
From earthly things
There is someone
Waiting for us in peace
So we stop and realize
That all we need is true love