Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is dedicated to my best friend, Louie, who had been there to support me. He thought me to write and he is so artistic. When I was in my senior year, he did not enroll in our school and it made me feel so empty. I think this is one of the most sincere songs I made.

I remember when we talked everyday
Like we always have secrets to share
I remember when we sing at the pond
Like we were in a concert hall
I remember when we laughed so hard
To a nonsense joke you shared
I miss those days when
All I think was to have fun and be with you

It’s been so long since we talk
Like million miles so faraway
I can’t hear your voice
Laughing, crying, and singing
All those memories are written in my book

I remember when we defended ourselves
To a bratty fight on a shit allies
I remember when we had to stand
And scratched their arms till it bled
I remember when you talked back
To your fore-bearer's angry pride
I miss those days when
We both had to cry for a long goodbye

I came back but you were gone
It’s so lonely, I had to adjust
I felt the walls are empty
The pond is now dirty
It’s been so long for us not to talk
I hold your hand
It’s been so long we haven’t sing
Those same old songs

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