Thursday, February 17, 2011

Copycats & Posers

Co-written with Louie Oporto who made the original entitled Copycats & Posers but the copy was lost. So, I made another one but retaining some parts I remember.

In the morning of my first class
I saw this people who are low class
And trying hard to be cool
They forgot about the rules
Everyday in our school canteen
They walk like pageant queens
With their pants all so skinny
I found out they copied my style

Copycats and Posers
They are bunch of stinky losers
Copycats and Posers
I’m talking ‘bout those stinky losers

On my afternoon class, they wake up
With all their eyes in gloomy black
I wish those were true black-eye
Or kind of injury in their minds
As me and my friends going home
They seem to be rude crude
I’ll throw shit-talks to them
And try to kick their asses dream

I’ve got a tip for you guys
Why don’t you take off your masks?
Coz it’s not Halloween
Oh no, no, no, no bitch!

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