Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Fame Kills

Actually, the title was inspired by a planned joint tour of Kanye West and Lady Gaga. I was really gaga at that time, this photo shoot was inspired by Beyonce and Lady Gaga's Video Phone music video.
The photos were taken last January 2010 in our house, after new year. We added some background music during the photo shoot because we believe that it will add some emotions. We want it to be carefree, real, and fun so I think Your Love Is My Drug is the best background.
We called this photo as WOW $$$. This photo I think is the most "explicit" of all my photos. I think its too sexy but retaining its coolness. This is a re-edit photo, so we try to aid it to make it better.
One of the coolest picture I ever had. It's almost perfect, the facial expression, the angle, and the coolness. I'm actually very particular on the coolness of my photo shoot because that is what I believe I am, sexy and cool.
I uploaded in Facebook the first version of this photo. I received praise because most of them think its cool. This is a re-edit version. I love how I laugh and pose in this photo. Don't mind the clothes. We did not plan this as a high fashion photo shoot, it is just a fun photo shoot.

Deo Itao - photographer, photo editor, art director

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Copycats & Posers

Co-written with Louie Oporto who made the original entitled Copycats & Posers but the copy was lost. So, I made another one but retaining some parts I remember.

In the morning of my first class
I saw this people who are low class
And trying hard to be cool
They forgot about the rules
Everyday in our school canteen
They walk like pageant queens
With their pants all so skinny
I found out they copied my style

Copycats and Posers
They are bunch of stinky losers
Copycats and Posers
I’m talking ‘bout those stinky losers

On my afternoon class, they wake up
With all their eyes in gloomy black
I wish those were true black-eye
Or kind of injury in their minds
As me and my friends going home
They seem to be rude crude
I’ll throw shit-talks to them
And try to kick their asses dream

I’ve got a tip for you guys
Why don’t you take off your masks?
Coz it’s not Halloween
Oh no, no, no, no bitch!

Friday, February 11, 2011


FIRST LESSON (stylized as F1RST LESSON). Enjoy watching the film.

5th Cineu Film Festival

Voter's Choice Award
Best Actor - Jason Balili (Nominated)
Best Supporting Actor - Jonas Dee (Nominated)
Best Supporting Actress - Marife Amores (Nominated)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Synopsis: First Lesson (short film)

First Lesson is a short comedy film directed by my brother, Deo Itao. I never thought he will make this kind of movie. The story is about two best friends (Ricky & Mitch) who are gays. Both had a crush on a boy in school (Jake) who has a girlfriend. It is not a gay love story because Jake did not fall in love with any of them. It is about a friend destroys his friendship with another because they have the same crush. The movie tells us how youth actually behave like gossiping, infatuating, back-biting, fighting and so on. It also tells us how friends reconcile and how people struggle to tell their parents their identity.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is dedicated to my best friend, Louie, who had been there to support me. He thought me to write and he is so artistic. When I was in my senior year, he did not enroll in our school and it made me feel so empty. I think this is one of the most sincere songs I made.

I remember when we talked everyday
Like we always have secrets to share
I remember when we sing at the pond
Like we were in a concert hall
I remember when we laughed so hard
To a nonsense joke you shared
I miss those days when
All I think was to have fun and be with you

It’s been so long since we talk
Like million miles so faraway
I can’t hear your voice
Laughing, crying, and singing
All those memories are written in my book

I remember when we defended ourselves
To a bratty fight on a shit allies
I remember when we had to stand
And scratched their arms till it bled
I remember when you talked back
To your fore-bearer's angry pride
I miss those days when
We both had to cry for a long goodbye

I came back but you were gone
It’s so lonely, I had to adjust
I felt the walls are empty
The pond is now dirty
It’s been so long for us not to talk
I hold your hand
It’s been so long we haven’t sing
Those same old songs

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My 1st Photoshoot

Photographer: Deo Itao
Photo editor: Deo Itao
Art director: Deo Itao
Stylist: Deo & Carlo Itao

The photo was taken by my brother last November 2008. That was the time when we were into local rock scene in Cebu. I think this is my best photo to date. I think the whole thing is perfect, the clothes and the place.