Saturday, January 29, 2011


This one talks about moral values and religion. Sometimes, I want to change lives. 

I know that this is wrong
To act like this was sin for Him
I hope they understand
That my heart speaks for truth

Couldn’t we change the world for the better?
Or should we stay in the same way?

I wanted to be there
For what we know is good
And I wanted to change
The people I hate whose in disguise

Couldn’t we fix what is destroyed?
Or should we destroy it all?

He sacrificed Himself
He is the true light
And don’t believe the one
Who holds the false light

Friday, January 28, 2011

When Silence Is Broken, the Night Is Torn (EP)

The EP made me listen to much heavier music. I love all the songs. The female vocals, the scream, the instruments made the EP special. I remember the days when all I listen were heavy music like metal, post-hardcore, alternative metal, and gothic metal. I missed my edgier days like I always practice my scream. Music is really my life, I can't live a day with music. I don't care about the genre as long as it has a good message and melody.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If Ke$ha was a Disney Princess?

It's so hilarious, if Ke$ha would have a Disney Movie entitled: Disney Princess Ke$ha. Indeed, she blowed her glitters in her episode of Funny or Die. Disney will become a clubland with all the glitters and autotune. Ke$ha really rocks!

My Filipiniana Dress

Last Semester, I draw this Filipiniana dress. I love drawing especially gowns. I think this is quite good. Never mind the drawing beside the Filipiniana dress. I hope you like it and comment for more suggestions.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last June 2010, I started my political career in school. I ran first as a representative candidate of our school organization "CNU-Tourism Society" luckily I won. A month after I was asked to join a political party called "HIGALA PARTY" which I accepted because of opportunities. I ran as a second year representative candidate for CLASS. It was a bigger school organization because it handles all CAS students. Unfortunately, I lost.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What the Hell! (Comeback song & video)

She's back and bitchy but still her videos are the same. This is really an Avril Lavigne video and it is entertaining as usual.

My Old Bangs!

I used to be particular about my bangs. I was really inspired by Hayley Williams' bangs on Crushcrushcrush. So, I asked my HS friend to cut my bangs that would look like one. I was impressed by the way he cuts. Instead of setting trends, I received mixed feedbacks. Some people said that it looked like a coconut husk and its unpleasant to see. Some also said that its cool and I made my signature bangs. In college, I tried to set this as a trend, it failed. People always remarked that I was crazy about Lady Gaga. So, I have to explain that this is my signature bangs.


This is my first post and I want it to be ME...

This is one of the few things I wrote. I was still starting, so I am not confident with this.

I hate my Latin class, it’s so boring
My seatmate is such a creep and annoying
I hate the food, it’s disgusting
What can I do? But just keep going

I smoke some cigarettes, I’m playing
Feels like a drama queen, I’m screaming
Talisay city is a place where running
Someone in grave is in my drawing

I’m happy with my life
It’s kinda weird but still cherishes it

December came, it’s so exciting
Jingle Bell Rock is what I’m singing
I and my pals are celebrating
Christmas party now, it’s blowing

How will I appreciate my life?
2008 was the year, my luck wasn’t enough
2009, I hope it’s gonna be the best
And for more years to come